Monday, January 19, 2015

This Office life

I just realized how much I enjoy working in an office,I love sitting at a desk and going through files and signing memos day after wonderful day, the very smell of fresh typed papers, office orders and memos, rises like a votive flame to the Gods of work. The files appear and disappear like enchantments, magical things too ephemeral and precious for mortal ken, office staff file in and file out of my chamber with files about other files, containing circulars about other circulars with instructions on other instructions, with rules affecting other rules, which effects humans who affect other humans. I am in a magical carousel! I don't want to be on a beach or on a holiday or at home, No Sir, it's the office for me.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The innocence of a young banded krait

A venomous banded krait caused quite a commotion slithering near my gate. It wasn't a big fellow; just into his teens, I should think. This species is not known for its aggression or nimbleness- being a lethargic serpent species. I let the chap slither away unmolested into the park. I didn't at all mind the young gentleman serpent out on his evening stroll through the colony and the wider world; more importantly, my dogs didn't mind him at all, which must mean he was an OK fellow. But, as is the habit of homo sapiens around these parts, passersby and layabouts in the vicinity were quick to film, gabble about and spectate like incorrigible voyeurs, disturbing the fine sensibilities of the young snake and forcing him to hide in the bushes. That's humans for you. That's my snake story update for today, hopefully my next update on snakes will be titled- "The spectacle caused by a spectacled Cobra."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Permanent Vacation


I wish I was on a beach somewhere

I am not fussy about the here or there

I need to be far and away- more than most

On a shell haunted turquoise coast

Or in the pebbled nook of a rocky shore

Any beach I haven't been to before.

Perhaps the sands on a sun blessed Isle

Will be host to my wistful exile

Or Perhaps, a moss hugged cheerless shore

Is where I shall hear the ocean roar

I cannot be fussy about the here or there

I just wish I was on a beach somewhere-LT

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


When banks want to screw you; they do a good job, what are your choices in life when it comes to banks and bankers. May I suggest a few.

Scenario 1: You are neck deep in a river, stuck between a well armed banker on a boat and a crocodile Best choice: Embrace the crocodile-it only wants to eat you, the banker wants your soul.

Scenario 2: An apocalyptic event has overtaken the world and a searing, flame ringed, sputtering wall of lava, 500 meters high is engulfing your city, you can feel the scalding heat on your face as you race away from the inferno, the bank building with its armored vault is the only place of possible refuge. Best choice: Walk into the lava! bank vaults trap souls for all eternity.

Scenario 3: Suicide bombers have overtaken your local bank and come out with a list of demands which must be agreed to within four hours or else they blow up the bank and kill everyone inside, you are the chief of police. Best Choice: Do nothing. Because one should never negotiate with terrorists.

Scenario 4:You have six friends on facebook because you are such a loser that even the guys with fake profiles wouldn't add you. Five of them are bankers and the remaining one is a stalker who keeps sending you his soiled undies. Best choice: Unfriend the five bankers, the stalker is your fan! He might not be such a bad guy at all.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Remember your creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say-“I find no pleasure in them”—Ecclesiastes 12:1

Were my days like a river, I would have drowned. I don’t quite know, nor do I pretend to understand, why… I might have drowned in the Yamuna in 1876, or the Yariapo in 1567, or did I die crossing the Rubicone-my memory fails but I do remember the Jordan, but I might not have drowned there. In fact, I may be dead.... But then..and since, I am still typing on my birthday- here, this day- on the 23rd of November 2013, I think I have somehow escaped the flood waters. I must then be in my own Gilgamesh epic, perhaps, I am a Noah in my own flood haunted story. I might have drowned in the tide of memory or will do so shortly. In any event, apparently, I am still alive…and the one, the triumphant one on Calvary.I am most certainly human and breathing, that is all I know- and that is enough.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Like all living things/I age/ I am older/In the register of life/I open, older by one order/Older the second-the seconds that scorn all life- the day begins/But dear grandma time, dear prodigal time, where are you taking me/ Soon, you will melt me to star dust again/Before I have mended, bended, kneaded this time- this time I was gifted- you will kill, grab, accost, accuse, be jury, judge, executioner/ In the name of immortality/ You will kill me and call me immortal/ Time you are cruel- LT

Monday, November 18, 2013


..Separate the plastron from the carapace, slide the cold metal in, down, down, down, to the beating center, inward, there, there's your reward, there! where my heart beats. Turn the blade, steel against flesh-win,win, win, win- you have the wins. You win, you win, you win, now push it in, deep, deep deep, let the steel bite, kill me, kill me, I am dead, I will die, I am dead, I will die...- LT.